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Huepar was established in 2013 and has been specializing in laser level for 10+ years. We sold in over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses around the world and we got over 95% positive rates.

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    Not received so I don't know how you've fulfilled the order

    You have not fulfilled the order and therefore you are getting a 1 star. How are your records showing it as delivered? Why have I not received the two items? Why does your delivery partner say that delivery is delayed on their tracking? Serious issues with your delivery system which need sorted out!!

    On the level

    Bought it for work, fitting kitchens mainly and setting up datum lines. Works great.

    Poor communication s

    Goods arrived , bag damaged , photographed and reported Heard nothing back , poor

    Very cool

    This laser level is insane. it dose feel good quality very durable and easy to use. Laser beam very bright and good quality. Battery life time is out of this world 8 hours straight with all of the beams on image if you only turn one of them on it will keep running for days I highly recommend it.

    Great Laser Distance Measure. Compares with Disto's.

    So far I am very impressed with the LM120A laser distance measure. I normally use a Leica Disto D510 in the course of my work as a surveyor, but as it recently developed a fault, i looked for a low cost but reliable laser measure to use until my Disto gets fixed.
    The Huepar LM120A has so many features that compares with my Disto yet for a fraction of the price and so far seems as accurate.
    Wish I had known about the Huepar laser measure the other year before i purchased my Disto.
    To top of such a great little measure it was delivered so quickly, and in less time than a repair response from Leica.

    As a fabricator this lazer makes my life 10x easier

    I seriously have no idea why I never bought a laser level sooner . absolutely awesome

    Have two items from this company. Lazer lever and lazer tape measure. Excellent products at really competitive prices. Could not have done my tiling so perfectly without these tools. Great bonus the laser lever comes with a nice sturdy case. Battery life is superb too.

    Really pleased with my new laser level.. No issues.. Seems well made.

    As always most reliable durable. Now if I need any tool I check huepar first if they don't do it then I look elsewhere

    Fresh ceiling set the laser up to fit ceiling timbers got it all bang on level!! Boarded and skimmed it the next day absolute doddle when it's done properly from the start the laser is a fantastic product would highly recommend

    My laser level was catching attention from far and when I demonstrated the features everyone was well impressed. especially the Bluetooth connectivity with my iPhone. love the adjustable bracket. Best investment in Levelling tools.

    Only used a couple times so far for some shelving brackets, v impressed straight out the box, clear laser easy to use.

    I do not like this product. Every time I have tried to use this product there are multiple lines must be reflecting off windows or something else. The stand supplied in my opinion is not fit for purpose. I have already emailed asking for a refund on the product within the first few days of having it, and got nowhere. Customer service is terrible. I want someone from your team to call me to arrange to have this item refunded.

    Absolutely loving the Huepar Laser level, it’s made my life a little bit easier.

    This was purchased to help fit some wall panelling over a large area, also being the first time I’ve used a laser, excellent piece of equipment, made it so much easier, whilst being able to check levels quickly.
    Laser feels a well made and robust, I’m looking forward to using on a number of future projects

    A few niggles first off, some of it down to me, but the support line is great and for the price...really good value.

    It says the laser can be read up to 50 M away...I couldnt actually get that far away from it, but even in bright light 30 M was absolutely no problem.

    Is going to make such a difference...thank-you Huepar!!

    Perfect .just as good as more expensive brands