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Huepar was established in 2013 and has been specializing in laser level for 10+ years. We sold in over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses around the world and we got over 95% positive rates.

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Huepar Care - Free 2-Year Membership Warranty

This is the second bracket in a year that has broken at the exact same place. Very weak and cheap which is a disappointment.

Very happy with the purchase

Huepar Care - Free 2-Year Membership Warranty

A brilliant piece of kit

My first purchase into the world of self levelling lasers and wish they’d been around year’s ago. A must for anyone working the building trade or diyer.


After using the dewalt cross laser for a couple of years, what can I say!
Should have bought the Huepar a long time ago. What an upgrade!!!

Laser level

Laser and receiver are good quality, I would definitely buy from this company

Very good

I bought this to replace my Bosch Quigo red .which is full of dust and impossible to clean out. I had looked at the new green Quigo but it's like twice the price. Then I saw these from huepar. I'm very impressed. Fast delivery, bright green laser, beam finder/target, mag bracket and case. The vertical lines go much further than Bosch does which is very handy if you can't locate the laser very high
Well pleased

Laser level

Yes , very pleased with it as it was my first laser level. Delivery was 1st class . Probably go for a model up next where you can separate horizontal and vertical line any recommendations.

Fantastic kit

I needed a reliable laser level for a large DIY garden project. The BOX1G was perfect and at a price that met my budget. I also purchased the receiver and had a perfect reading from 50m. I would recommend for non-professionals .

Huepar 903CG - 3x360 ° Self-Leveling 12 Lines 3D Cross Line Laser Level


So far so good it’s been brilliant and would certainly recommend it 👍


It's my second one very impressed with my new one

Bateria nie dotarła do mnie.

On the level

Bought it for work, fitting kitchens mainly and setting up datum lines. Works great.

Very good

More spec for less money than the big name brands, I'm very impressed with it.

Only thing I'd like to improve, is that I bought the receiver separately, but I'd love to be able to fit it in the main case so I don't have to carry it separately.

Overall a bit disappointed

First impressions, the case just seems really cheap and I can't see it lasting long. I would happily pay the extra money if there was an option to buy a better case, I like to look after my tools and the cases are there to protect them.
Secondly there are quite a few options of lasers to pick from, I wanted the 4x 360 laser and decided to pick the laser with the very sturdy looking metal covers over the laser lenses. Unfortunately the base of the laser that it sits on and the cover for the bottom 360 laser is made from a very flimsy feeling bit of plastic.
I dont understand why this was not made out of the same material that covers the other 3 lenses. Again if there was an option to pay for an upgrade I would.

Great Product

Only used the laser level a few times so far, excellent product which eliminates error.

Huepar Care - Free 2-Year Membership Warranty

Memberships Warranty

Great piece of mind knowing your covered for 2 years when purchasing a different brand for the first time


I had a problem with my laser. I bought it around 9 months ago and self leveling mode stoped working. After sending email to producer I got quick replay. It just took 2-3 days of few emails exchange for company to find the reason and making amends to sort it out. I'm very pleased with fast and helpful service.

Great service and welcome warranty

Laser arrived quickly and I was reassured that a 2-year warranty was included.

Fantastic, saves time and piece of mind that things are bang on level, absolutely love this tool

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