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Apr. 16 - May. 16

2013 - 2024

Memorable Moments with Huepar

Huepar's 11-Year journey, thanks for being with us.

Since 2013

Huepar was founded by a well-respected engineer named Lynn Li who spent most of her life working at a leading manufacturer of laser measurement tools. Having to work on construction sites most of the time, Lynn witnessed the hardships faced by workers who relied on hand tools that made measuring and leveling nearly impossible and extremely frustrating. She was so exhausted that she was inspired to build Huepar's idea.

Quality doesn't have to be expensive

At Huepar, we firmly believe that "Quality doesn't have to be expensive." Since our inception, we have been committed to providing top-notch, affordable products. We've achieved this by implementing rigorous quality control measures in our production facilities across China, the UK, US, and EU. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that every Huepar product meets high standards of quality and value, making premium quality accessible to all our customers.

Huepar keeps improving


Anniversary Mega Coupon & Free Gift Grab

Free gifts, including laser receivers, accessories, and gift cards, are limited and guaranteed with every qualifying order, subject to availability, and on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Huepar insists on customer first

Free & Fast Delivery

Huepar has built 14 warehouses, and cooperates with FBA to provide you with free shipping within 3 to 7 working days.

Hassle-free Warranty

Whether buying from the official website or the official Amazon store, we've got you covered with a full 2 years warranty.

14 Days FREE Returns

If you would like to apply for a return and refund, please request refund within 14 calendar days of receiving your product(s).

7X24 Global Support

Huepar is committed to provide Best-in-Class service to our customers- 24/7 Service Team.

Event Rules

Sorry, our event only allows one order to participate in one event. If you really want to get multiple gifts, please divide them into two orders.

When your order amount reaches the highest threshold of tiered gifts, you can get gifts of all thresholds.

The discount code is in the green couple on the product page.

you can manually enter the discount code at checkout to get the discount.

Sure, Huepar's 11th Anniversary Celebration offers the following discounts:

  • Free Gift: Eye Protection Glasses (SKU: GL01G)
    Orders ≥ £99, quantities are limited and supplies last.

  • 10% OFF The Following Items With Discount Code SAVE10:
    Laser Leveler:
    703CG / 7211CG / 903CG / E011G / FL360G / P04CG

  • 15% OFF The Following Items With Discount Code SAVE15:
    Laser Leveler:
    901CG / 902CG / B03CG / BOX-1G / DT03CG / GF360G / P02CG
    Huepar Digital Wood Moisture Detector (SKU: M01)

  • 20% OFF The Following Items With Discount Code SAVE20:
    Laser Leveler:
    903DG / 904DG / B21CG / HLR600 / HM03CG / LS03CG / LS03DG / LS04CG / RL200HVG / S03CG / S03DG / S04CG-L

  • 30% OFF The Following Items With Discount Code SAVE30:
    Laser Leveler:
    503CG / 503DG / 602CG / 603BT-H / 603CG / 603CG-BT / 603CG-H / 6141G

  • 35% OFF The Following Items With Discount Code SAVE35:
    Laser Leveler:
  • Buy Huepar Z03CG and get a free line laser receiver.
  • In addition, when your order is £200 or more, you can choose to receive a free gift as follows:
  1. Free Hex Key Wrench Set (SKU: HK9) on order £200 or more
  2. Free Magnetic Torpedo Level (SKU: TL13) on orders £300 or more.
  3. Free Tool Storage Bag (SKU: TB01) on orders £400 or more.
  4. Free Digital Level Angle Gauge Inclinometer (SKU: AG01) on orders £500 or more.
  5. Free Level Ruler (SKU: CS01) on orders £700 or more.
  6. Free 120M Laser Distance Meter (SKU: LM120A) on orders £800 or more.

Due to system limitations, only one discount can be applied to an order, so you can only use one discount code for the above. If you do need to purchase more than one item and want to get the best discount, we recommend you to place separate orders.

If you encounter any problems during the promotion, please contact for assistance.

Huepar 11th Anniversary Sale will last for about 4 weeks, the specific time is from April 16th to May 16th, please hurry up to buy.

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